[CQ-Contest] WPX info - Vanity Calls in Sweden

Jan-Eric Rehn (SM3CER - 7S3A - SA3R) jan-eric.rehn at telia.com
Thu Feb 2 20:04:25 EST 2006


When mentioning the Swedish prefix SI, Magnus forgot about the very active 
visiting station SI9AM, with almost 50.000 QSO:s since 1999. Active on all 
bands CW/SSB/RTTY. Also active in the bigger contests.

Info about that visiting station at: http://www.si9am.se/

73 de Jan, SM3CER

Jan-Eric Rehn - SM3CER - Contest call: 7S3A - SA3R
SSA Contest Manager - SWEDEN
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Also QRV in MS or MM from: SI9AM - SK3IK - SL3ZV
K6U at WRTC-96 / Referee at WRTC-2000 and WRTC-2002

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] WPX info - Vanity Calls in Sweden

> Hello Sylvan!
> We currently have SM calls and since very recent SA calls for personal 
> calls
> since SM calls are starting to be filled.
> SI - has been used as special call and in those few times mostly as SI8
> which is the Swedish part of Market Reef.
> SJ - has what I understand only been used at SJ9WL which is the Morokulien
> station on the border between LA-SM land and it switches between a special
> norweigan and SJ9WL every 2nd week (This is a rent very cheap QTH that is
> popular).
> SK and SL is as mentioned below.
> Since untill about a year ago, 7S and 8S were only used as special calls 
> but
> then we were aloud contest calls for 100 SEK a year which has now been
> upgraded to 150 SEK / year. approx US$20 or ?uro13.
> To answer your question, the calls will be permanent and aloud to use in 
> and
> out of contests.
> How do you mean 2x1calls? One suffix? If so, Yes, 1-4 suffix letters can 
> be
> choosen.
> They are available on demand, if it is taken you will just have to wait 
> and
> see if it gets available again.
> The cost for a vanity call is as contest call (which will now also be a
> vanity call in the way that one will be able to use it in and out of
> contests) - 150 SEK which is approx US$20 or ?uro13 / year.
> One may apply allready now with what call one wants but it can only be 
> used
> if paid for and after Feb 15th.
> 73 Magnus
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> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] WPX info - Vanity Calls in Sweden
>> Hi Magnus
>> Are these vanity calls permanent in otherwords can they be used outside 
>> of
>> contests too. If yes this include 2x1 calls too? Or are these vanity 
>> calls
>> only available for a short period of time? What is the cost of a vanity
>> call
>> in Sweden?
>> tnx
>> Syl
>> Sylvan Katz - VE5ZX
>> Saskatoon, SK
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>> From: "Magnus A" <sm6wet at telia.com>
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>> Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 10:52 PM
>> Subject: [CQ-Contest] WPX info - Vanity Calls in Sweden
>>> Hello all!
>>> Sweden will have Vanity Callsigns.
>>> Prefixes that may be used are SA-SJ, SM, 7S and 8S.
>>> SK and SL may not be Vanity Calls.
>>> SK=Club station.
>>> SL=Military Club station.
>>> I am not sure if one can choose any district number as well (#8 and #9 
>>> is
>>> almost never used) but one can have 1-4 suffix letters.
>>> Unfortunatly the rules will not apply before the 15th of February and 
>>> due
>> to
>>> this it will just be missed in the CQ QPX - RTTY.
>>> 73 de Magnus SM6WET, 8S6T, ZK1WET

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