[CQ-Contest] 75M and the DX Window

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 6 05:19:08 EST 2006

This won't work if the DX isn't aware that someone's covering him up but 
I've often thought that if he is the problem could be solved in a minute 
or two by the DX saying, "Listening on xxxxx only" where xxxxx is the 
"offender's" frequency.  The poor guy would never know what hit him.  
Heck, he could even brag to his buddies, "I called one CQ on 20 and 50 
guys answered.  That 80m dipole really works."

After a minute or so the DX says, "Up" and everything's back to normal 
(except for the guys who didn't get the message and now think he's 
working simplex).

73, Jim   VE7FO

Alan Zack wrote:

>Yes, but what about DX stations and DXpeditions using common DX split 
>freqs such as 14.195/14.200, 21.295/21.300, 28.395/28.400 and then some 
>local guy wants to call CQ just a Khz or so below the DX calling freq 
>and get into a long winded QSO with another local about the WX, his 
>aches and pains, or complaining about politics. During these long winded 
>broadcasts of nothing really important he is covering up the DX.  Why 
>can't they go above about 14.210, etc, for local to local ragchews?  
>Today 5X1GS was on 14.160, listening up 5, working a hugh pile up when a 
>domestic station got right on top of his Tx freq and started calling 
>CQ.  He was asked by the DX cops to please QSY as he was on top of a DX 
>station and he stated he didn't hear anyone before he started his CQ and 
>started calling CQ again for a long time.  Maybe he couldn't hear the 5X 
>since we were answering him 5 up but it was still rude to keep calling 
>CQ after a dozen DX cops told him the freq was in use.  It would be nice 
>to have 14.150-14.200 set aside for DX to call CQ and have the domestic 
>stations call CQ above 14.200 but it ain't never gonna happen.

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