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Our Community has a great desire to enlarge the participation of Ham Ladies
in international contest activity. The WRTC2006 Steering Committee is
totally in line with this important objective.


Discussing this matter with Al Teimurazov, member of our WRTC 2006Honorary
Board Committee, we came up with an action to really have a good use of the
WRTC 2006 to comply with this objective.


Has been decided by WRTC 2006 Steering Committee to accept Al's generous
offer to specifically sponsor a Team representing the Ham contesting ladies
of our hobby in WRTC 2006.


4L5A Al, is donating to WRTC 2006 U$ 10.000 dollars to have a new slot for
YL TEAM in addition to the other ones already in place.


Accordingly with our main philosophy of recognition of actual score as the
instrument to choose the competitors, we invited P43E (Emily Thiel) the
highest level points among all women application to be the YL Team-Leader.
Also accordingly our general practices we gave Emily the free option to
nominate her Team-Mate. She decided to invite WA1S  (Ann M. Santos) as
Team-Mate, coincidentally the third YL highest score.


We are pleased and proud to announce an additional team to the WRTC2006
Competition, the "YL WRTC 2006 Team"



Atilano de Oms PY5EG

Alexander Teimurazov 4L5A





Atilano de Oms 
Av. Luis Alberto 1262 - Araraquara - SP CEP 14802-620 


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