[CQ-Contest] Not QSLing Sprint QSOs - Is this OK?

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Sat Feb 11 10:59:36 EST 2006


I've struggled with this practice for many years.  I'm running computer 
controlled T/R control so its not that people send it quickly and I miss it 
due to VOX delay time.

Personally, I delete the QSO.  I've made every effort Ican to not miss the 
other station's acknowlegement, so I feel I'm justified.  But like you say, 
I hurt my score as well, because that QSO consumed time I could have 
profitably used elsewhere.

I too have noticed that there are a number of top ten stations who do 
this.  But I've also noticed that I never experience this with the REALLY 
good guys.

If we come to accept this practice, then I don't know how the log checking 
team can reasonably impose penalties for any NILs.


  At 12:13 PM 2/9/2006, K4RO Kirk Pickering wrote:
>I've noticed some Sprint operators repeatedly do not
>QSL a completed Sprint QSO. Some of those operating
>in this fashion are in the top ten, and my guess is
>that they are off making a QSO on the second radio
>after they got my number OK. Is this considered proper
>technique among the top tier two radio Sprint operators?
>I'm still trying to crack the two radio gate open here
>in the CW Sprint.  I've read Tree's and Fisher's posts,
>and N3BB has helped me understand what's going on as well.
>I want to know if not QSLing is considered acceptable.
>I know some have argued "just take 'em out of the log if
>they don't QSL."  But who wants to kill their own score,
>after making an otherwise solid  QSO?  I'd like to know
>the top competitors opinions on CW Sprint QSO QSLing.
>-Kirk  K4RO
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