[CQ-Contest] QSLing the Contact in the Sprint

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Sat Feb 11 11:13:58 EST 2006

In the Sprint, callers should wait a moment until they hear the station QSL 
the previous contact.  If the station is SO2Ring and a half second or a 
second late in sending the QSL message, then it's very difficult as new 
calling stations usually are not going to wait that long.  SO2R operators 
should send that "TU" (which I use because it's two characters and more 
likely to be heard) at the right timing, even if they have to interrupt 
their CQ or their other-band QSO for a split second.

Usually, if the station *didn't* get all the exchange, he/she will send a 
string of dits (as K5PI mentioned).  I will stop and ask the previous 
station QSL? if I hear a string of dits.

Some judgement comes into this as well.  If the frequency is clear and if 
the previous station is strong (we have good skip), and if it's a "known 
good operator,"  I will allow a little slack on hearing the QSL 
message.  If we are on back scatter and/or if the conditions are poor, and 
I don't hear a clear QSL message, I will send some dits and ask the station 
if he got it all OK.  I am QRO, and it would be much more sensitive if I 
were a 100 Watt station, or (perish the thought) QRP.  Then, I would darn 
well insist on hearing the QSL message, or I would delete the QSO.  But 
running full power and with good antennas, I use the "good skip rule" and 
"no QRM rule" to place some judgement into  whether or I not I stop and 
send "QSL?" to the other station.  In a four hour Sprint, this question 
occurs around five times, so while it's not routine, it does come up.

Jim George N3BB

At 11:56 PM 2/10/2006 -0500, James P. Cassidy wrote:
>Does anyone have advice about how to best deal with the quick callers that
>wipe out the TU or a request for a repeat?  Several times last week there
>was no wait at all between the end of the QSO and the pileup of callers.
>I will admit that my signal is probably not as strong as it could be to
>help this situation.
>TNX 73 Jim KI7Y
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