[CQ-Contest] Filed Day operations on digital???

Tyler Stewart k3mm at verizon.net
Mon Feb 13 21:58:01 EST 2006

I spearheaded the W3AO digital operation last year and it's actually become
a significant part of our score.

PSK is where it's at and the operators seem to have gotten much better about
"contest mode" operating and not throwing a paragraph of brag tape at you!

RTTY is faster overall, but there really wasn't that much activity compared
to PSK.

The hard part about digital if you are in a big operation is keeping it from
interfering with the other modes on the same band.  You cant justify taking
CW or SSB off the air to make digital contacts from a points perspective.


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Was wondering how popular is the digital systems for Field Day? RTTY,PSK, 

Was thinking of setting up a digital station for Field Day but not if it 
won't be fruitful...

Jacob Tennant - K8JWT 

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