[CQ-Contest] Filed Day operations on digital???

Michael Coslo mjc5 at psu.edu
Wed Feb 15 09:07:33 EST 2006

On Feb 13, 2006, at 9:58 PM, Tyler Stewart wrote:

> I spearheaded the W3AO digital operation last year and it's  
> actually become
> a significant part of our score.
> PSK is where it's at and the operators seem to have gotten much  
> better about
> "contest mode" operating and not throwing a paragraph of brag tape  
> at you!
	Hehe, I know that one! Some folks want to tell you what the color of  
their laptop is..... 8^)

> RTTY is faster overall, but there really wasn't that much activity  
> compared
> to PSK.

	I'm hoping that eventually the psk'ers will shift to PSK63. That  
should make it about as fast as a CW QSO. IN addition, the people who  
aren't in the contest can just look at the screen, and see who they  
want to chat with. The wider PSK 63 signal stands out like a sore thumb.

> The hard part about digital if you are in a big operation is  
> keeping it from
> interfering with the other modes on the same band.  You cant  
> justify taking
> CW or SSB off the air to make digital contacts from a points  
> perspective.

	It is hard to envision the PSK users interfering with CW users. RTTY  
maybe, as I know it can present a problem when someone is  
transmitting in the PSK segment. THe problem is more related to  
RTTY's wide BW, and a few folks have a bit of a problem with a Ratty  
RTTY signal. ;^) But otherwise, it seems like all three can coexist  
just fine.


	- 73 de Mike KB3EIA -

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