[CQ-Contest] Contest Excuse Quotient

Eric Rosenberg wd3q at starpower.net
Fri Feb 17 09:27:15 EST 2006

Dug this one up from the archives just in time for the ARRL DX Contest
this weekend. 

Maybe this it should be added to the Cabrillo specification :-) 

Good luck to all!

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC 
(yes... I'll be on all bands this weekend, but probably not before Sat AM)


To: cq-contest at tgv.com
Subject: Contest Excuse Quotient
From: n6xi at tss.com
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 94 16:24:39 -0700

The recent traffic on radio vs. spouses prompts me to suggest the following:

With the contest season starting up, perhaps we need a new performance
metric - the Contest Excuse Quotient, to be included in all contest score

  You get 1 point per minute lost due to a reparable equipment problem
during   the contest.  Irreparable problems are 100 points if there is a
redundant item available, else 250 points.  

  Tower climbing counts 3 points per foot (US only) within 6 hours of
contest start and 5 points per foot during the contest.  Outside the US
it is 10 and 15 points per meter.  Per metre in the UK.  

  You get 100 points for being married and another 100 if your spouse is
in town on a contest weekend.  If you or your spouse delivers a baby
during the contest, count 500 points.  Kids under 12 are worth 50 points
each for existence and presence.  Teenagers are worthless.

  Cold: 100 points per sinus blocked throughout the contest plus 100
points per box of tissue.  Flu:  100 points per degree F over normal (200
points per degree C).  Broken bone:  200 points except in sending hand
which counts 400 points or off-hand 300 points (for computer loggers
only). Doctor visits 500 points if your return before end of contest,
1000 points if hospitalized.  Life-threatening illness contracted and
diagnosed during contest or 3 days prior, 3000 points (doctor's affidavit

  Power failure during contest: 10 points per hour (100 points per hour in
  NA Sprint).  Line noise: 2 points per dB over noise floor per hour
(20/hour in Sprint).

  New RFI complaints: 1 point per dollar of threatened lawsuit. 
Complaints that don't threaten suit or from previously encountered
pre-litigants don't count.  

  Bad conditions count 10 points per dB below normal of the average of
all the 14.100 beacon stations iff they hurt you more than your buddy
because of the nature of your equipment, antennas, operating style or
habits of personal hygiene.

  100 point bonus if you travelled at least 1000 miles away from home
during the 3 days prior to the contest or if you worked (at your job)
more than 80 hours in the prior week.  

  Each doorbell or telephone call you respond to during the contest is 5
points unless it is an RFI complaint which is covered under separate rule
above.  ...

Contest Excuse Quotients (XQs) are used as follows:  

  Adjusted Gross Score = Raw Score * (1 + XQ/1000)

All score listings in the magazines are by AGS.  Raw Score may be
reported if space permits and there is lots of advertising in the current
issue.  Contest sponsors are encouraged to establish categories such as
Single Operator/No Excuse, Multi Operator/Mega Excuses, etc.  Top XQ
boxes will be published in the sponsoring journals.  NCJ can sponsor an
annual Max Cumulative Excuses award.  CT, NA and TR will require
modification to track Real-Time Excuse Accumultion and to calculate and
display AGS.

We will need the following new Q Signals:  

  QXQ?      "What is your excuse?"
  QXQ nnnn  "My excuse quotient is nnnn."
  QXQ 0     "No excuse, Sir."

So, what's your excuse?


/Rick N6XI

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