[CQ-Contest] NRAU Baltic 2006 Final Results

Tonno Vahk tonno.vahk at mail.ee
Fri Feb 17 13:38:46 EST 2006


we are happy to announce the results of NRAU Baltic Contest 2006. There was 
no big storm this year like last time and activity was much higher. We had 
132 CW logs and 170 SSB logs. There were about 60 more stations active who 
did not submit log.

We tried to do the log checking in quick, efficient and transparent way and 
first time in NRAU Baltic history all the logs of participants with UBN 
information (mistakes) are open for everyone to see.

You can find final results on SM3CER web page at:


All the logs and UBN files are listed by callsigns at:


We hope that disclosing all the logs and UBN information makes the contest 
more interesting and let's everyone learn from his own and others' mistakes.

The best five stations in CW are:

1. ES5TV
2. YL2GD
3. LY7M
4. YL9W
5. ES1A

It was really tough competition for 1-2 place and 3-5 places. ES5TV and 
YL2GD have same QSO count - 137 and initially the same multiplier count. But 
as far as LY4A did not send log and made less than 10 QSOs his QSOs did not 
count and YL2GD lost the multiplier. LY7M was more accurate than YL9W and 
they changed places after log checking.

The best five stations in SSB are:

1. ES5TV
2. YL2GD
3. SM0W
4. 8S5A
5. ES1A

In country competition Latvia came first this year and Estonia second 
followed by Sweden. Baltic countries seemed to have a propagation adventage 
this year.

We would also like to remind to everybody that the last minute to make QSOs 
is 07:29 in CW and 09:59 in SSB. We had several stations loging QSOs at 
07:30 and even later.

Big thanks goes to ES5JR for helping with log conversion and to SM3CER and 
SM2EZT for providing faboulous log checking software and for tremendous 

CU in NRAU Baltic 2007!


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