[CQ-Contest] ARRL DX, Canadian multipliers

Dave VO1AU VO1AU at rac.ca
Mon Feb 20 20:32:58 EST 2006

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> Can anyone quote the Industry Canada policy (i.e. Radio Information
> Circular RIC-9, etc.) that states a Canadian amateur must identify
> with a / if operating from a different call area than what his/her
> prefix indicates?
> Doug/VA5DX

There is no such regulatory requirement, but there is a general practice of
doing so, especially in contests where provinces and territories count as
multipliers.  There are a few depraved souls out there who hold call signs
from rare call areas and use them from more common areas without signing
portable.  Thankfully, these ignorant, selfish bastards are very few in
number in this country.  They are even less numerous than the craven fools
who use e-mail queries to clean up their logs post-contest.

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