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Dale Putnam daleputnam at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 20 13:01:54 EST 2006

Didn't realize I was so windy either. Sri.

I did hear a number of times that someone needed some education in what has 
been termed Canadian multipliers. Seems that in some cases it was by an 
operator simply not thinking. Other times is was from someone needing to 
learn, or make a quantum advancement in the learning curve of contesting. 
And, I also hear the education process repeated a number of times, 
unfortunatly I had to listen to that a couple of times to be able to ID the 
station, so.. my loss. It seems to me that that would have been very 
frustrating to spend time on that, during a serious effort especially. 
However, keeping within the idea that this is a hobby, and that without a 
bit of elmering, contesting in the general sense, simply won't last. Yes, it 
is important to win, today....however, I would like to have the oppurtunity 
to try to win next year, and the year after, with more entries in each 
contest. If the door is slammed on a new contestor, then it is likely that 
he won't return with the same enthusiasim that he/she would if they are 
So, that been said, how did you do?

  I worked a lot of very good ears, and a few that had a bit of help from 
such things as qrm, qsb, and a bit of aurora too. What fun. And that is what 
it is all about.
  After 4.1 hours... and a boost in the country count... a review 
accomplished... how to improve?
Easy, better the antenna. I just bettered the rig, the K2 hears MDS down to 
-130dbm. And it does it in a rather suitable fashion in a contest situation. 
Can't wait for some of the State QPs... they should be a real kick.

Oh, antennas? Well, that is a story in itself. Spent a long time getting a 
vertical to play... and stay.
Built out of aluminum that was manufactured for 100 + mph wind, only to have 
it bow and come down, in what was reportedly 60 mph... not once, or even 
twice... but five times... So... a bit of logic ... or cut and try... it is 
up again... and now.. the improvement... the 2nd one installed and phased... 
then.. maybe another one?

How does it work? Well, maybe someone can tell me? I think it is good for 
the antennas I have been using. But the proof is in the pudding... or in the 

band Q C
160  2  2
80    6  6
40  24  13
20  30  21
15  25  18
10   0    0
And, NO Qs with US/Canada either.
and I checked 10 too.

Now...with only 5 watts and 4.1 hours.. the score is 15,660.

Was it worth the time? YES... did I have fun?  YES... will I do it again?  
Will I see you there too?  _______

--...   ...--
WC7S - Dale - qrp in Wy.

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