[CQ-Contest] F6KAR Audio Streaming Coupe du REF SSB 2006

Radio Club Radio.Club at cern.ch
Fri Feb 24 13:31:59 EST 2006


   during the REF contest (La Coupe du REF), we will be streaming audio
from the CERN (European Centre for Particle Physics) Radio Club F6KAR at
http://sv3sj.cern.ch:8000/f6kar.mp3.m3u run station.

The stream will be on during the contest i.e., from Saturday 02/25 06:00
UTC to Sunday 02/26 18:00 UTC.

Thanks to Randy K5ZD who introduced to us the icecast software :-)

For the F6KAR team (F1URI, F5IQA, F5VIH, F6FLN, F6IFY)


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