[CQ-Contest] F6KAR Audio Streaming Coupe du REF SSB 2006

Oliver Dröse droese at necg.de
Sat Feb 25 06:37:45 EST 2006

Hi Nick,

thanks for the great service - a lot of fun to listen to the stream while 
sitting here in my Cologne condo without any antennae. ;-)

But what I experienced: just right now (Saturday, 11:20z +/-) there are quite 
some stations calling with rather small signals. While I could usually get their 
callsigns on there first call your operator's got really trouble to identify 
them and most times giving up after the 2nd or 3rd try. I wonder why? Maybe 
there's some difference between what I can hear via the stream and what the OP 
gets in his headphones? Maybe some kind of headphone impendance mismatch or the 
like? Or just someone operating with bad hearing? ;-) Sorry, I really don't want 
to offend but it is obvious that there must be something wrong what explains the 
difference between the very good streaming quality and readability (even the QRM 
is of good quality, hihi) and that what your operator (not) hears.

Anyway, best of luck in the contest!

Vy 73, Olli - DH8BQA

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> Hi,
>   during the REF contest (La Coupe du REF), we will be streaming audio
> from the CERN (European Centre for Particle Physics) Radio Club F6KAR at
> http://sv3sj.cern.ch:8000/f6kar.mp3.m3u run station.
> The stream will be on during the contest i.e., from Saturday 02/25 06:00
> UTC to Sunday 02/26 18:00 UTC.
> Thanks to Randy K5ZD who introduced to us the icecast software :-)
> For the F6KAR team (F1URI, F5IQA, F5VIH, F6FLN, F6IFY)
> 73's
> Nick SV3SJ/F5VIH
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