[CQ-Contest] ARRL Band Change rule

Rick Tavan N6XI rtavan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 13:16:49 EST 2006

Stupid. So very, very stupid. The maximum achievable score of a multi-single
entry is lower than that of a single-op entry because of this ridiculous

NCCC uses a better technique to avoid the dreaded "octopus." In the
California QSO Party, M/S stations must observe a "ten-minutes in the seat"
rule: Once an operator makes a contact, no other operator can make a contact
for 10 minutes. Better. Much, much better. It does assume honesty, though.
Anybody got any honesty?

/Rick N6XI

On 2/16/06, Pete Smith <n4zr at contesting.com> wrote w.r.t. ARRL DX
Multi-Single rules:

> to 6 band changes (maximum) in any clock hour.
> changes are defined so that, for example, a change from 20
> meters to 40 meters and then back to 20 meters constitutes two band changes.
> of the 6-band change rule or improper logging will
> result in an entry reclassification to the Multi-operator Multitransmitter
> class"

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