[CQ-Contest] New Ham Countries;

David Burger DBurger at energy.com.au
Mon Jun 5 23:28:02 EDT 2006

Dear all,
I hope Montenegro has far better fortunes with proper recognition than the 
2nd last 'NEW' country to come onto the ham radio scene. Specifically 
'Timor Lorosae' or in English  'Timor Leste'.

The original 4W allocation was made to UNTAET on 25 October 1999 during 
the start of the United nations transitional period. This lasted to May 
20, 2002 when ALL licenses were suspended.  Timor Leste declared 
Independence on May 20, 2002, and the ITU then re-allocated 4W to 'Timor 
Leste'.  Timor Leste began issuing ham radio licenses on September 27, 

Now here is the weird bit.... 
- It took over 2 years for the ARRL award administrators to get the 
Country name correct !!! 
- The e-qsl.cc  website still conveniently bypasses this Country 
altogether, although they do show the UNTAET entity...

Good luck Montenegro..

David Burger VK2CZ / 4W3A

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