[CQ-Contest] Feed Your Writer!

Ward Silver hwardsil at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 15:46:00 EDT 2006

As with last year's writeup of the ARRL DX Phone results, I am fortunate to 
be assisted by very able contesters from each of the ARRL Divisions, plus 
continental coverage, too!  These guys have all the data, but what they 
could use is your story, your photo, your anecdote, your bank account 
number - oops, sorry - your antenna farm descsription, and so forth.  By 
providing the local details, their writeup will be of more interest to 
everyone and your good efforts have a better chance of getting their due.

You upload the information to the ARRL Soapbox page for DX Phone at 
www.arrl.org/contests/soapbox - select the 2006 DX Phone contest and shovel 
your material in!  Then, contact your division or continental writer and let 
them know.  If you don't care to post the information publically, contact 
your writer directly through their QRZ.com address - let me know if you have 
trouble contacting them and I'll put you in touch.

Here's the list - have at it!

Atlantic    K3WW
Central    K9ZO
Dakota    AC0W
Delta    K4RO
Great Lakes    K8GL
Hudson    N2MG
Midwest    N0NI
New England    K1RX
Northwestern    N0AX
Pacific    K6OWL
Roanoke    K4ZA
Rocky Mountain    N2IC
Southeastern    KU8E
Southwestern    W7ZR
West Gulf    K5TR
Canada    VE3EJ
Caribbean    KU8E
Central & South America    XE2K
Europe    G4PIQ
Asia    VR2BG
Africa    G4PIQ
Oceania    N0AX

73, Ward N0AX 

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