[CQ-Contest] [WriteLog] Anyone have problems with XP SP2 and Byterunner PCI serial boards?

Steve AI9T steve at ai9t.com
Sun Jun 11 12:37:08 EDT 2006

Using a couple byterunner cards with out any problems here. Not sure of 
the specific part numbers but one is a 2 serial and 1 parallel the other 
is 2 serial ports. Running XP SP2 PRO. Used these same cards in another 
PC running XP Home before I upgraded PC's.

Make sure up get the latest drivers



Steve AI9T


QSL via LOTW a

Barry wrote:
> Hi all,
> When XP SP2 came out I upgraded and had lots of unexplained crashes.  On 
> advice of Microsoft, I reverted back to SP1.  Now that MS will be 
> terminating support for SP1 in the near future, I'm thinking about 
> trying SP2 again.
> I believe my problem was some incompatibility with my Byterunner PCI-400 
> 4 port serial board and its drivers.  I wonder if anyone else with the 
> Byterunner card had trouble with SP2, and if so, were you able to do 
> anything (update drivers?) to fix it?  I'd also like to hear from you if 
> you had no problems, so maybe I can rule out the Byterunner card as the 
> source of trouble.
> Tnx,
> Barry

nd EQsL

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