[CQ-Contest] E Pluribus Unum

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Mon May 1 10:51:21 EDT 2006

E Pluribus Unum  -  Out of Many, One.
If the software community can figure out how to handle multiple contests,  
there is an interesting outcome awaiting - a contest combining several different 
 though similar contests.
This weekend would be a perfect example. In addition to the three  individual 
contests for New England, Indiana, and 7-Land, there would be an  overall 
contest for working the most people in the most counties in New England,  
Indiana, and 7-Land. 
Only valid qsos for the individual qso party would count (i.e. only Indiana  
qsos made between 1600z and 0400z would count - but not ones made on Sunday,  
even though New England qsos on Sunday would count.)
People in those three places could still work anybody anywhere for their  own 
contests, but for the EPU contest only qsos in those three areas would  
One justifiable complaint about state QSO party operation is that if  you 
aren't close to the target state, things can get pretty boring as the  in state 
people spend time working each other.  Combining several  geographically 
diverse areas, as is the case this weekend, would give most  people a geographical 
advantage (and disadvantage) to somewhere.
It can be a very pleasant time chasing mobiles, and others, around a  state.  
Doing it for several states at a time should be even  better!

Six days isn't exactly enough time to formally organize a contest,  though it 
would be interesting to put together some demonstration results  afterward.
73  -   Jim    K8MR

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