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Fri May 19 03:33:33 EDT 2006

What are the numbers Jim? The ARRL claims, on their website, 152,000 members. How many members on this list? How many members at contesting.com ? I participate in every 'major' contest and I don't see/hear a big drop off in participation. I had a couple of good, sustained, runs during the recent QSO parties weekend indicating there are still a lot of contesters out there.

In the May QST 17 of the first 27 pages are advertising and pages 106 to 170 are basically all advertising. I think that is 81 pages of advertising. There are 10 pages of operating activities, 3 of which are 2005 SSCW, plus 5 pages of DX stuff.

I hate to sound like a 'bean-counter' but operating activities are getting 11% of the non-advertising space and DXing is getting 5%. That may just be the right amount.

Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
It's already tomorrow in Australia

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  > June 2006 QST contains a double-barreled reminder of the unfortunate 
  > ARRL policy re non-publishing of contest results.
  > ...
  > With all due respect to Ford and Kelly, I firmly believe a simple 
  > tabulation -- in print -- of *all* (repeat -- *all*) entrants by 
  > Division and Section does more to encourage youngsters, non-contesters, 
  > and our fellow club members to get on and make QSOs than all the 
  > wordsmithing about a handful of elite category leaders.

  Bud, the ARRL made a BUSINESS decision.  Whether we like to believe it or not,
  contesters are a SMALL minority of QST readers. They get the amount of space
  proportional to that readership.

  I agree it's unfortunate, but we can't change the facts.

  73 - Jim AD1C

  p.s. I was at Barnes & Noble last week picking up the May "Harpers" to read the
  article about W6AM's rhombics.  While browsing, I noticed a "CQ Magazine"
  prominently displayed in front of the "Men's Interest" section (along with
  hunting, fishing, etc. magazines) but did not see "QST".

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