[CQ-Contest] QST Contest Results

Michael Keane K1MK k1mk at alum.mit.edu
Fri May 19 16:40:03 EDT 2006

All of this is very reminiscent of the discussions of this topic four 
years ago. Yes indeed, What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

At 03:33 AM 5/19/06, N7MAL wrote:
>What are the numbers Jim? The ARRL claims, on their website, 152,000 
>members. How many members on this list? How many members at contesting.com ?

Don't know about CQ-Contest or contesting.com. However, the ARRL 
Contester's Rate Sheet had over 14,000 e-mail subscribers in March 
according to N0AX. On the other hand, NCJ has a paid circulation of a 
bit more than 2500 according to the most recent publishers statement.

I think that says something about the number of contesters and their 
willingness to spend money.

At 08:04 AM 5/19/06, Dale Putnam wrote:
>This is very disturbiing, not only do they not publish what we 
>want... they have mislaid the idea that the customer comes first...

For whatever reasons, contest results are a polarizing subject: 
people seem to either love them or hate them. And when the 
"customers" are surveyed about what they'd like to see being 
published, contest results always drew big negatives and low 
positives. (The latest of the QST reader surveys was summarized in 
Jun '04 QST and is included in 

It's hard to reconcile "The Customer Is Always Right" with the 
preferences expressed by the membership in objective surveys.

Keep letting your division director know how you feel about this. It 
took a vote of the ARRL board of directors to relocate contest line 
scores from QST to the Web. The only way line scores would ever be 
brought requires similar action by the ARRL BoD; the staff in 
Newington can't do it on their own initiative.

Mike K1MK

Michael Keane K1MK
k1mk at alum.mit.edu

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