[CQ-Contest] Amateur predators

Mark Beckwith n5ot at n5ot.com
Wed May 24 18:30:24 EDT 2006

Thanks Rusty :) Let me clarify that between the ages of 13 and 18 I was hit 
on by two presumably gay or pedophilic (or both) adult men who were licensed 
radio amateurs.  Neither of them accomplished any illegal activity with me 
and I assume they move freely today.

How's that for talking the long way around :)

It was not a Big Deal.

Mark, N5OT

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> Mark, I do not know the circumstances, so I cannot comment.
> In my high school ham radio club, there were a couple of hams who were 
> regularly dating a girl in the club, and later told me they considered her 
> the best kept secret in high school.
> The three of them were also members of the chess club, if I remember 
> correctly.
> So were they 2 hams hitting on another ham, or 2 chess club members 
> hitting on another chess player?  Or just 2 guys in high school behaving 
> as their sexual proclivities led them to behave?
> I think the comments about the relative safety of the ham radio community 
> vs the Internet, chat rooms, etc, is probably right on the mark.
> 73, and I have enjoyed your commentary on the reflecter on many occasions. 
> Many thanks for them all.
> Rusty, na5tr 

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