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Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Wed May 31 22:52:10 EDT 2006

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> HUH..??.. I'm confused.. I'm sitting in front of a MKV and in the upper 
> right hand corner are 3 little push button switches used to select 
> filters. I'm only a CW contester and have no SSB filters but do have CW 
> filters. I use those switches regularly during contests. Yes when you 
> originally install the filters you need to activate them from the menu, 
> but that's only once.
> To answer the original posting I wouldn't trade the MKV for anything. I've 
> been contesting for approx 50 years and have used everything from S-lines 
> to C-lines to Icoms and Kenwoods. This MKV blows all those radio's away 
> hands down. For CW contesting and really big CW pile-ups I especially like 
> the front panel audio filters. A mandatory filter is a narrow CW filter 
> for the sub-receiver.
> 73

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>  From: Jeff Maass
>  Bob:
>  Yaesu screwed with the filter switching from the
>  front panel with the MkV and Field. On the original
>  MP you can select any combination of 2nd and 3rd IF
>  filters from the panel. In the MkV and Field, you
>  have to access the menu system (uggh).

Jeff is correct, Mal. The switches on the front panel of the MKV let you
select pre-programmed pairs of cascaded 2nd and 3rd IF filters. If for
instance you have the MK V setup with a pair of 2nd and 3rd IF 500 Hz
CW filters and a pair of 2nd and 3rd IF 250 Hz CW filters, the normal
configuration is to have the "NAR1" button select the pair of cascaded 500's
and "NAR2" button to kick in the cascaded 250's. On the other hand, if you
want to select a mixed combination (500Hz 2nd IF cascaded with 250 Hz
wide 3rd IF filter, for instance), you have to get into the rigs menu and 
the mapping of either the "NAR1" or "NAR2" buttons. This is not something
that is easily done on the fly the way it can be done on rigs like the
TS-950SDX, or the Ten-Tec Omni 6+  that have front panel pushbutton that
allow you to independently select the 2nd and 3rd IF filters (sounds like 
original MP had this provision, but its been so long I since I've used one 
I can't remember off hand).

Don't get me wrong, I really like the MKV. IMO, it is a lot of radio for the
money, but the filter selection scheme is a bit of a downside compared to
other rigs out there.

73, Mike W4EF............................................

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