[CQ-Contest] Contest Ploys for Wives, was Re: Defacto Calendar

Jack Brindle jackbrindle at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 1 14:19:57 EDT 2006

Guys, it could be worse.

K1TN might remember a cute young redhead who worked for Jeanne DeMaw  
back in the fall of 1976, checking WAS submissions. At the time I was  
a lab tech and Jim was the contest czar. Jennifer and I have been  
married almost thirty years now and we have three kids, one of whom  
is KG6YMN. More importantly for this discussion, Jennifer is now  
KB4TGE, and has handed out QSOs in a few contests.

Now it is pretty cool when she suggests better antennas and equipment  
for the station, but I have to realize that it comes with an ulterior  
motive - it will help _her_ scores as well. She hasn't pushed me out  
of the chair to this point, but the possibility is always there. And  
with KG6YMN coming along I feel the handwriting is on the wall...

By the way, she refused to allow the words "obey" in the ceremony  
also, reasoning that dogs obeyed, and she definitely was not a dog.  
So far things have managed to work out pretty well.

On Aug 31, 2006, at 2:32 PM, N4XM Paul D. Schrader wrote:

> Richard,
> I don't understand either.  Didn't these guys get "obey" in the  
> wedding vows?
> I did.  And my wife is a jewel.
> 73
> Paul  N4XM
> At 08:47 PM 8/31/2006 +0000, you wrote:
>> I just don't understand this thread.
>> My wife always says:
>>         Are your amplifiers big enough?
>>         Do you have enough antenna choices?
>>         Do you need more towers?
>>         Do you have any more antennas for me to build?
>>         Is it time to get new radios?
>> Choose wisely and train them.
>> 73, Richard - K5NA
>> At 19:55 8/31/2006, 4X4KF wrote:
>>> Two lucky guys
>>> After 46 six years , my wife still resents not  only all my radio
>>> activities, but everything
>>> I do and everything I say. She is of Polish origin. Capish?
>>> But I got used to it, hardened, and she can resent anything she  
>>> likes.
>>> We have three wonderful Children, 5 gorgeous  grandchildren and  
>>> all in all
>>> I am happy, including my radio activities.
>>> 4X4KF  Mike

-Jack Brindle, W6FB

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