[CQ-Contest] [NCCC] WRTC2006 Radio and Software Stats

Jim Neiger n6tj at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 3 13:16:13 EDT 2006

I'm taking a serious look @ WIN-TEST, namely because that's what Jose CT1BOH 
uses.  And today, simply no one does it better than Jose.

To paraphrase the old E.F. HUTTON advertisement:

"when CT1BOH speaks, N6TJ listens".

Vy 73

Jim Neiger  N6TJ

(still waiting for a WIN-TEST version with TRLOG's wonderful features)

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> WinTest is European, with an enthusiastic, multi-national development and
> test team. It gets most press and personal testimonials in Europe, so many
> of us in the US just have never seen or even heard of it. It is
> down-loadable at www.win-test.com and there is a reflector conducted in
> English. There is a fee of EU 45 if you decide to use it for real and the
> latest major upgrade fee was only EU 15.
> I talked to some of the development/test guys and played with the program 
> a
> bit at Friedrichshafen. I liked what I saw. It imitates some of the core
> feel of CT while running on Windows, with more layout flexibility than my
> current logger, WriteLog. It integrates nicely with some SO2R hardware,
> supporting the complex and proprietary features of EZMaster (another 
> device
> best known in Europe) and with a variety of contesting support programs 
> like
> propagation displays. It appears to support multiple operating positions,
> including two ops on the same band, using a real network rather than 
> serial
> port daisy chains which are so last-century. It has some good looking 
> fault
> tolerance features.
> I can't speak for others, but the main reason I won't consider even trying
> it is that it does not yet support either Sprint or the M2 rotor control,
> both essential to me at home. I expect these shortcomings to be corrected
> and look forward to trying it then.
> /Rick N6XI
>>From Ken WM5R:
>> > Observations:
>> >
>> > * WinTest was used exclusively by teams from Europe, and it was the 
>> > most
>> >  popular logging program amongst the European teams.  Any ideas why 
>> > it's
>> > not
>> >  more popular outside Europe?
>> >
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