[CQ-Contest] LoTW and portable operations

k8bb at comcast.net k8bb at comcast.net
Sun Sep 3 23:38:26 EDT 2006

Recently, I operated mobile in the Ohio QSO Party. We (KK8I and I) made 770
QSOs across 24 different counties in 12 hours.

After a couple inquiries, I have learned that you can QSL these contacts
correctly through LoTW. In TQSL, create a separate "location" for each
county. Then sign each county log with the corresponding TQSL location file.
Then upload - viola! The QSL the other station will receive will include the
appropriate county.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the GRID, too, if you intend to
include that for each location. In OhQP, for instance, our route sometimes
meant each county was all in one grid - easy to assign. In other places, the
route covered two different grid squares in the same county. (I chose to
handle this by leaving the GRID off in these particular instances, rather
than estimating/speculating where the change happened and dividing the log
into two parts or simply reporting what I knew to be an ambiguous/erroneous
grid square.)

Hope somebody finds this valuable!

Don Chisholm K8BB
Pontiac, MI

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