[CQ-Contest] LoTW and portable operations

Russell Hill rustyhill at earthlink.net
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Soma Garmin GPS handhelds will allow the choice of location formats, and in 
some cases one of the choices will be the Maidenhead format.  I have a 
Garmin 196, and it does so.  I expect others will also.

Rusty, na5tr

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> Recently, I operated mobile in the Ohio QSO Party. We (KK8I and I) made 
> 770
> QSOs across 24 different counties in 12 hours.
> After a couple inquiries, I have learned that you can QSL these contacts
> correctly through LoTW. In TQSL, create a separate "location" for each
> county. Then sign each county log with the corresponding TQSL location 
> file.
> Then upload - viola! The QSL the other station will receive will include 
> the
> appropriate county.
> Additionally, you should pay attention to the GRID, too, if you intend to
> include that for each location. In OhQP, for instance, our route sometimes
> meant each county was all in one grid - easy to assign. In other places, 
> the
> route covered two different grid squares in the same county. (I chose to
> handle this by leaving the GRID off in these particular instances, rather
> than estimating/speculating where the change happened and dividing the log
> into two parts or simply reporting what I knew to be an 
> ambiguous/erroneous
> grid square.)
> Hope somebody finds this valuable!
> 73!
> Don Chisholm K8BB
> Pontiac, MI
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