[CQ-Contest] WRTC Spot/Log Correlation

Kostas SV1DPI sv1dpi at otenet.gr
Tue Sep 5 01:14:32 EDT 2006

FB Kurt
    I think that most of the stations use clusters today. Cluster's use 
would be permitted and not been a different category, in my opinion. These 
rules allow cheating, because the most people are not serious contesters and 
want to look for a rare dx or a missed band during the contest, so they use 
the clusters and when they send their log forget it or they don't know it.
    I saw also that some stations are high on the list while they are in low 
power category. After a spot all the big guns make the qso extreely 
difficult for a low power competitor. So i can not understand how someone 
with 100 watts make the qso in the first 2 minutes. I think this is another 
case of cheating also.
    Your work shows that there are ways for the organisers to find the bad 
boys. But they don't do it. In the last cq magazine, we saw the results of 
cqww ssb. Two stations disqualified but this noted with small letters in the 
last row, while this must be with large letters to show in everyone that the 
competition has no cheaters.
    With your analysis or with the other one (K1TTT), we know that there are 
ways to find everyone. Only a few of the organizers do it, especially of the 
small contests.
    In my opinion the absolute solution would be no categories, free use of 

Kostas sv1dpi

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