[CQ-Contest] Peaceful Coexistence on 40M tonight

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Sat Sep 9 11:09:35 EDT 2006

I don't think I've seen anyone else mention this, but tonight WAE Phone and the NA CW Sprint will potentially conflict on 40M from 0000Z-0400Z (but particularly 0100-0300Z).

If the WAE guys will stay above 7040 (which they are supposed to by the Region 1 band plan), and if the Sprinters will stay below that line, then things shouldn't be too bad.  I expect Sprinters will be all the way down to 7000, but since it is only for a couple of hours, I hope our CW DXer friends won't be too upset.

It will also help if the non-European stations working split in WAE don't specify listening frequencies below 7040!

Thanks, everyone!

73, Pete N4ZR
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