[CQ-Contest] A new Perspective

4X4KF 4x4kf at iarc.org
Sat Sep 9 15:45:54 EDT 2006

Life is not a penis, it is always hard.
I am sure there is a way to compete even from the black hole  of Michigan.
 From experience (HAM from 1956) sometimes for a specific location, a 
more modest aerial is the better solution.
Try CW for starters, then try to find the antenna  (Vertical, Quad, Long 
wire,  Log Periodic, inverted V, etc.)  that will
pull you out from that black hole.
Michael 4X4KF

Dennis OConnor wrote:

>Last night I listened to a station signing W3 work 30 european and russian stations, bang-bang, on 75 meters..  With the exception of one PA0 station I could not hear more of the DX than a broken syllable now and then...    
>I have a 4 square active antenna, for receive and 5 rather large transmit antennas for 75/80m . . .  including full size, 2 el vertical beams - and I cannot even hear the stations he is working like popcorn in hot oil !
>This morning I go to the office and look him up... He is in NH...  As of this moment I am having a hard time convincing myself not to pull down the towers and give it up...  There seems to be no point to contesting, or even operating, from the black hole of Michigan ...
>denny / k8do    no joy in Mudville today...
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