[CQ-Contest] A New Perspective [was:WRTC Spot/Log Correlation]

Felipe J Hernandez fhdez at vox-tel.com
Sun Sep 10 18:39:20 EDT 2006


I think the main problem with contesting is keeping the contesters 
interested with new tools that take their level of interest to a new ground. 
I think that the current contesters can bring more people along due to their 
increased interest in the hobby.

lets not try to save the world and focus in a set of rules and oportunities 
for Joe Vertical in Winsconsin and
N5TJ from his apartment in Houston or even his hotel room in NJ.

I think contesting software is the key to make this possible adding features 
to limit packet usage
and other forms of cheating, multipart contests as well as the real time 
peer to peer or group real time contest scoring.


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> On Sun, 2006-09-10 at 13:34, Radiosporting Fan wrote:
>> Contest sponsors...please, require us to supply more
>> information when we submit (the subject of another
>> thread <g>).  We will be able to use it to hone our
>> ability to perform even better in your events.
> Well, the more we *require*, the more we frustrate
> less-than-computer-literate non-contesters, and the fewer log
> submissions we get.
> However, offering the *opportunity* to submit additional information
> (for example, in the Cabrillo header) offers the possibility of more
> detailed Web reporting without scaring off potential entrants.
> Of course, just what information we offer to tabulate may be an
> unsolvable debate...
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