[CQ-Contest] A New Perspective [was:WRTC Spot/Log Correlation]

Charles Fulp k3ww at fast.net
Sun Sep 10 20:40:44 EDT 2006

I really like going over the ARRL DX contest database to study results, 
its much easier than going thru lots of categories looking for things.
When I see someone new doing well, or someone coming on strong, I check 
the contest station database :  http://www.pvrc.org/wcsd/wcsdsearch.htm
and see what the setup is, or ask around a little. I see no problem with 
more information being easy to access.  I study other categories, 
including MS and MM to see what the maximum I can look for on any given 
band.  I look at QSO & Mult totals regardless of category. 

That having been said, having a reasonable number of categories to 
enter, provides motivation for many participants and lets us set 
specific goals.  Expanded databases just make it a little easier to 
evaluate our potential and plan improvements. 

Over the years, I have given presentations on contesting and usually 
break contest score production into 3 main classes with several subclasses.
    a) On the globe
    b) Topography (consider obstructions, features, noise etc etc)
    a)inside stuff
    a)natural gifts
    b)developed skills

Ultimately in big DX contests there are places where a good operator and 
a reasonable station can have a chance of winning the world and there 
are places where the best operator and the biggest station cannot win.
All other things equal,  reasonable equipment and  great antennas will 
beat great equipment and mediocre antennas.
Operator skill and persistence can overcome many station and some 
location deficiencies.
Convincing folks in great locations, with great stations to let you play 
with their stations on major contest weekends counts as an OPERATOR 
skill... big time!
You can get LOTS of QSL cards with a poor station and a poor location, 
if you spend most of your weekends in contests.  (this can lead to 
building better stations to make up for location deficiencies or perhaps 
moving to NH)

73 Chas K3WW

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