[CQ-Contest] Busted Q's

Jack Brindle jackbrindle at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 10 23:54:18 EDT 2006

Yes, but send it in anyway. As others will surely tell you, they will  
get dinged whether you send it in or not. The scoring software builds  
a database of what everyone sent, and uses the predominate info as  
what is supposed to be right. So whether you send it in or not, your  
info is in other guy's logs and will thus get processed. So, go ahead  
and send it in.

This has been a topic for discussion for quite a while, and will  
continue to be one. Someday we will find a method to correct things  
like this, but until then, things happen. just be glad it was only  
three. There have been instances of many more.

And, no, I'm not trying to start an argument, but rather get folks  
thinking of ways to improve this area. The log checking guys do a  
great job, and this is actually something that falls into the detail  
area of things. The fact that it is a detail shows how far we have  
gone. Still, there must be some way...

On Sep 10, 2006, at 6:19 PM, Tom Osborne wrote:

> HI All
> I found I busted the first 3 Q's in the Sprint last night (due to  
> an error
> on my part).  If I send in my log, will the guys I worked get  
> dinged for my
> bad Q's?
> Tom W7WHY
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