[CQ-Contest] A New Perspective

sawyered at earthlink.net sawyered at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 11 05:51:55 EDT 2006

I am in total agreement with this new thought process being formed.  Rather than push sponsors who are driven by other incentives (like magazine revenue dollars), lets use the tools that we have, on line, to expand it into this direction.  

3830 - Already has more information than the sponsored categories (SO2R, LP M/S, etc.) and provides an opportunity for instant delivery of any of the discussed items (we just need to set up a sorting entry box like SO2R is now).

Contesters Stattion Database - There already exists a database that you can update the world on what antennas and equipment that you have.  Keep it updated, and reference it in your 3830 post.

ARRL Scores Database - Already allows you to section the data down to your state or ARRL section.  What more do you want from a sponsor than that ?(thanks ARRL)

Lets use what we have to provide the needs being expressed in this thread.  Half the code would have been written already if the efforts to sway opinion were put into construction rather than opinion.

See you in the contests as SOLPAB SO2R Nothing higher than 80 feet but don't let that fool you!

Ed  N1UR

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