[CQ-Contest] A CW Contest Do-list [was: CW Accuracy]

Hank Kohl K8DD k8dd at arrl.net
Wed Sep 13 17:47:26 EDT 2006

Shelby Summerville wrote:
> W2EV wrote: "Do match the sending speed of the slowest QSO participant
>    a. Do respond to a CQ at the same or slower speed
>    b. Do respond to a reply to your CQ at the same or
>       slower speed"
> Before all the "serious" CWers advise me to "practice, practice, and then
> practice some more", in order to increase my CW speed, remember:  "this is
> my station, and I am able to choose my operating style"! If "my" style isn't
> the same as "your" style, if I call you, it is my responsibility to adjust
> "my" style to "your" style. 
I'm not sure I totally agree with that.  If you sit there for a few 
minutes trying to
figure out my call when I'm CQing at 30 or more wpm and drop your call at
25 wpm ........
I'm going to respond to you at about 25 wpm because I want a good QSO in
both logs.   I probably want that QSO just as much as you want it, if 
not more!

73    Hank    K8DD

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