[CQ-Contest] A CW Contest Do-list [was: CW Accuracy]

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Wed Sep 13 22:36:48 EDT 2006

Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no.

While on a camping trip this summer, I was operating one of the Sprint 
practices when my keyer conked out.  I tried operating for a while just 
using the paddle as a hand key, about 10 wpm.  My favorite speed is 35+, so 
this was kind of a deterrant.  But, I had to smile when some of the guys 
slowed down to about 15 wpm to work me.

I have had guys answer a 30 wpm CQ about 20 wpm and they had  no problem 
copying the faster exchange.  I would think if someone can copy my call at 
30, they probably can copy CW pretty well.  But, usually I do slow down for 
someone who answers at a slower speed.  IMHO  73

> W2EV wrote: "Do match the sending speed of the slowest QSO participant
>   a. Do respond to a CQ at the same or slower speed
>   b. Do respond to a reply to your CQ at the same or
>      slower speed"

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