[CQ-Contest] I shouldnt be complaining but....

kr2q at optonline.net kr2q at optonline.net
Sun Sep 17 10:37:57 EDT 2006


I feel for you.  I have been your exact same boat many, many times.  I had to "keep trying" until I won the #1 world qrp plaque (and I was very thankful to the DX competition for not competing that year).

Normally, I'd sponsor this one myself (only makes sense), but I already sponsor the M/S and M/M in CQWW and the QRP USA in WPX....and I consider it a real honor to be a donor for each of these.  It is certainly a easy way for me to give something back to the contests that have given me so much fun in my life (besides checking logs for CQWWCC since the late 1970's).

May I be so bold to suggest that you sponsor this trophy.  QRPers in the USA certainly deserve some wood.  Using the wood analogy, why not "step up to th plate?"

de Doug KR2Q

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