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So  John,

How much does it cost to sponsor a CQWW Plaque and where does one  submit
their offer?

Randy, K5ZD

I'm glad you asked. On occasion I publish an update to this list with  
information about the CQ WW plaque program and sponsorship opportunities. So  here 
it is:
* The 2005 CQ WW plaques are being produced at the engraver as we  speak. I'm 
hoping to have all awards in the mail within the next 45 days. For  non-US 
winners, please be patient as shipping is sent via sea mail. As you've  already 
seen, the 2005 certificates have already been mailed (thanks again  Barry, 
* The current cost to sponsor an award is $50/year. Interested parties can  
contact me directly (a listing of openings is summarized below).
* There are nearly 150 plaques in the program today. I'm not particularly  
interested in creating new categories as they dilute the value of receiving  a 
plaque in the first place. Obviously, there are exceptions.
* Unfortunately, donors come and go, so the list of sponsors is  fairly 
dynamic. If you wish to sponsor, I strongly prefer a long-term  commitment.
* Sponsors are notified annually with a reminder that their payment is  due.
* According to my records, there are no outstanding plaques awaiting  
delivery. However, I do realize that things slip through the cracks and/or the  
mailman can let us down. If you have a missing award, let me know.
Here is a list of current openings (note, these are obligated awards, so  
they will be produced for the 2005 contest, even if a donor is not found):
* Single Op/Assisted World
* Single Op/28 MHz Europe
* Single Op/14 MHz Europe
* Multi-Single Japan
* Multi-2 World
* Multi-Multi USA
* Single Op/1.8 MHz USA
* Multi-2 World
* Multi-2 USA
I appreciate the support from so many of you -- especially those who have  
participated for decades (in some cases), sponsoring multiple awards. This is a  
great way to give something back to contesting. If you're interested, let me  
know. Sponsorship assignments will be offered on a first-come, first served  
73 John, K1AR

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