[CQ-Contest] No Dit-Dit (was Sending Speed)

David Gilbert rimradio at direcway.com
Mon Sep 18 12:45:51 EDT 2006

"Rather than seeing this practice as rude, I take it as a compliment
when an experienced Sprinter does not send "dit-dit" after I send
my information.  He is saying, in effect, "I think you are a good
enough operator to understand that I have copied your exchange and
don't need to acknowledge."

I can think of several situations involving QRN or QRM at the QTH of the "experienced Sprinter" that could justifiably lead him to simply abandon the contact before it was complete, particularly if he thought you were actually trying to work someone else.  Your "experienced Sprinter" is saving himself a few milliseconds at the expense of the several seconds it might take for the guy on the other end to decide if he should delete a partial contact from his log.  What part of that isn't rude?  I've never seen a simple "di-dah-dit" slow anyone down, and most truly experienced contesters will tell you that avoiding confusion speeds the rate.

Dave   AB7E

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