[CQ-Contest] Slow Speed NS Starts This Week

Mike Wetzel mjwetzel at comcast.net
Wed Apr 25 00:20:59 EDT 2007

The Northern California Contest Club (NCCC) has been running a highly
successful sprint contest, now in it’s 3rd year.  Some have requested a slow
speed version to get familiar with the sprint concepts, etc.

This is to announce the SNS or slow speed NS.

This practice event will precede the regular NS every Thursday evening
(Friday UTC) at 0200z .  It will run for 15 minutes.  There will be a 15
minute break (0215z to 0230z) and then the regular NS (currently in NS
Ladder format) will start at the normal time of 0230z.  Remember to reset
your program so that the number starts at #1 if you operate both practices.

The suggested upper limit for the SNS is 23 WPM.  This maximum speed should
limit one of the frustration factors some operators face.  There are still
other factors involved that make the sprints unique and difficult for many
operators.  Hopefully reduced cw speed will lessen the frustration of some
of the other factors.

All of the same rules apply to the SNS as the regular one (dupe allowed
after 1 intervening Q) so you are allowed to work the same station as long
as you have worked another station in between (only exception is that you
can work a station on 40 and then can work him/her immediately on another
band (say 20 meters).

Bands will be 20 and 40 meters (around 14040 and 7040).

NS Home:  http://www.ncccsprint.com/default.htm

Sites to help everyone for sprint contests.



If you are completely new to the sprint you might want to use a combination
of paper/pencil and the computer.  Things are so fast and furious and if you
are having trouble entering data and getting the computer to send things you
really get frustrated fast.

You might get your s/w to send the exchange in the proper format (there are
2 formats depending if you are answering another station or another station
is answering you)  and the only thing you want to enter is the callsign on
the computer and you hand log the other info.  This is just a suggestion do
some dummy QSO’s to see if you s/w will work for you (you might choose CQWW
contest in your s/w then you don’t have to enter all the info on the
computer but it might send all the info including a #).

See http://www.ncccsprint.com/software.htm for additional logging hints

Questions to w9re(@)arrl(dot)net

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