[CQ-Contest] NS Ladder News/Announcements

Bill Haddon - n6zfo hounds1234 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 25 02:53:44 EDT 2007

Four major developments in the NS Ladder:

1) New . .  NS Ladder Practice "SNS" 30 mins prior to NS Ladder.

   This Thursday, 0200-0215Z on around 14040 and 7040, W9RE, Mike hosts the inaugural NS Ladder Practice, a slower-speed version of NS Ladder for those who would feel a litle more confortable in a supportive, slower speed practice session.  Try SNS, and then jump in to the regular competition 15 minutes later. Watch for separate e-mail from Mike about this weekly session.  Mike's enthusiasm for bringing newcomers into the NS is admirable.  We feel that this idea of the separate "SNS" = Slow NS is a major advance over my effort to have the event proceed slowly in the first 10 minutes.

If you're a season NS Sprinter, please show up early and donate some practice Q's to the cause.

2) New record score - Howie, N4AF, 2400 pts,  60Q's and 40 mults.  

4) A major new award:

 K6VVA, the Locust, promises a 1-year NCJ subscription to the first station to break 3000 points in the NS Ladder.  Can it be done???  Is this the "X-Prize" of ham radio (well, Eric has not  offered $10M; maybe his one is closer to the Orteig prize.)

4)  Record participation - Wk 6.

There was a huge increase in participation, 25% in one week, with a record 37 logs submitted.  Results at http://www.ncccsprint.com/results.htm shortly.

This plea from multiple participants:  please    Spread   Out     in frequency.  The pile-ups are challenging , but they reduce the efficiency and probably the Fun-Level of NS Ladder.

 Welcome to: KY4F (Ky) KC4HW (AL), W4HZD (TN), K9BGL (IL), W9WI (TN) and welcome back to WA1Z (NH) , K5OT (TX).  

Leaders in the 3 div are: N9CK (7654), W0BH (4838) and of course N6RO (8248), all 6-weeks.  Highest average scores are: W9RE (1576, 4 wks),   N4OGW (1491, 5 wks).

Wk 7 of NS Ladder this Thursday, 0230-0300Z (Friday)  Practice 0200-0215Z  (Friday)  www.ncccsprint.com

73 Bill n6zfo/6

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