[CQ-Contest] Ic 706 Mark 11 and Writelog for NAQP CW

Hal Kennedy halken at comcast.net
Wed Aug 1 13:00:33 EDT 2007

>Smooth CW is essentially impossible from software to I/O port due to the
>CPU constantly interrupting the CW stream to service interrupt calls.

This is folklore and simply incorrect.  I'm with K7SV and the hundreds
(thousands??) of us who key just fine under Windows with a 1 transistor
level shifter.

I've run Writelog, N1MM and WinTest on four different Windows desktops
running everything from  an original Pentium-75 with Windows 95 to a blazing
XP machine, as well as on four different notebooks - all with smooth keying
up to 50 WPM out of LPT1 and out of COM1 (and I don't mean COM1 driving a
data stream to an external keyer - I mean CW keying straight out of COM1).
All that's needed is to turn off unnecessary software running in the
background that is causing unnecessary interrupts.

Hal - N4GG

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