[CQ-Contest] Contesters and LOTW

Wed Aug 8 08:00:53 EDT 2007


I think a lot of the initial resistance to LOTW has started to fall away. It
is simply too good a deal not to participate in. The logging programs that
most of us use make it very easy to upload any segment of a log to LOTW

I think that the recent DXpeditions that have waited a year and then
uploaded are about right. Most of the paper card chasers will have already
sent in their card/money.

I have decided that due to the expense I am going to depend on LOTW for WARC
band DXCC updates. I believe the CQ will begin using LOTW one of these days.
So that will improve the it's usefulness.

Incidentally I think a lot of contesters also upload those ADI files to
e-qsl as well. Although those only count for the inhouse e-qsl awards, lots
of guys participate. Those fellows might also be asking for cards if they
weren't uploaded. I always upload to that site as well.

Bill, W5VX   

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>Logisticaly, I see this way:
>Every DXpedition will receive donations with paper QSL's, say first six
>months after Dxpedition, maximum to one year. Then, they should upload
>Logs ionto LoTW.
>The good example is 3Y0X. These fellows received and answered all QSL' s I
>guess. Now they sent their Logs to LoTW. This is the way to go.
>Brabo, 3Y0X! Bravo, 1A0KM and HV0A!! (Just to mention a few) I personally,
>appreciate this very much. Many stations from DX-countries now upoading
>their Logs to LoTW on regulary basis.
>LoTW is a good thing.
>73's Andrei EW1AR-NP3D (Used to be a big skeptic of LoTW:)
>(uploaded all previous DXpeditions and local QSO's to LoTW - HQ4R,
>V44/EW1AR, HC1/EW1AR, EW1AR etc etc. total 60000 QSO's; almost 19000 QSL's
>2007/8/7, Tom Osborne <w7why at verizon.net>:
>> Hi All
>> Yes, they do QSL very well.
>> One thing I have wondered.  I see that BS7H has already uploaded their
>> logs.
>> One thing that always got a good input of donations for the DX'peditions
>> is
>> the paper card.  I just wonder how it is going to affect donations to the
>> DX'peditions if the contribution is not required for the card (not that
>> was ever 'required' for the card, except for a few).
>> Even though I havae it confirmed by LOTW, I will still send in the
>> donation.
>> 73
>> Tom W7WHY
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