[CQ-Contest] Contesters and LOTW

Paul Cassel paul at ve3sy.com
Wed Aug 8 09:08:09 EDT 2007

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As a very recent first time user of LoTW, I find there is a major lack of
help files and examples for the 1st time user. 

After uploading my log to LoTW, and looking at my awards page, I could see
the country counts however there was nothing to help understand the table as
to what the SELECTED and APPLIED columns were for. And while the Applying
for Credits help page is extensive... it assumes that the first time user
understands what the various DXCC credit could be.  For instance, when I
first tried to use the application it suggested clicking the Select All box
to highlight all of the Qs listed below.  There was no indication why these
Qs were selected or why there were so many..... well in excess of total DXCC
entities.  I now realize these referenced per band and mode but this is not

Now all of you guys who have been there and used the LoTW probably are
saying - where is this guy from.... but think back to when you first set up
your account and I'm sure you will recall how user unfriendly it was.  

After spending a lot of time playing and experimenting, I now have a
reasonable handle on the system and agree it works well however the league
really needs to show small screen captures with some explanation tags.

Possibly a selection at the start of the LoTW DXCC application letting the
user select the template to use such as   'Seasoned User' or 'New User' with
the new user being more detailed with examples.   And on the Awards page
have a link to show what the various columns of the table reference.

As every one is stating here, the LoTW is a wonderful tool - it just needs
to provide some first time help for the new users.

Paul, VE3SY, a LoTW Newbie  

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> Andrei,
> I think a lot of the initial resistance to LOTW has started to fall away.
> It
> is simply too good a deal not to participate in. The logging programs that
> most of us use make it very easy to upload any segment of a log to LOTW
> I think that the recent DXpeditions that have waited a year and then
> uploaded are about right. Most of the paper card chasers will have already
> sent in their card/money.
> I have decided that due to the expense I am going to depend on LOTW for
> band DXCC updates. I believe the CQ will begin using LOTW one of these
> days.
> So that will improve the it's usefulness.
> Incidentally I think a lot of contesters also upload those ADI files to
> e-qsl as well. Although those only count for the inhouse e-qsl awards,
> lots
> of guys participate. Those fellows might also be asking for cards if they
> weren't uploaded. I always upload to that site as well.
> Bill, W5VX
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> >
> >Logisticaly, I see this way:
> >Every DXpedition will receive donations with paper QSL's, say first six
> >months after Dxpedition, maximum to one year. Then, they should upload
> >their
> >Logs ionto LoTW.
> >The good example is 3Y0X. These fellows received and answered all QSL' s
> I
> >guess. Now they sent their Logs to LoTW. This is the way to go.
> >Brabo, 3Y0X! Bravo, 1A0KM and HV0A!! (Just to mention a few) I
> personally,
> >appreciate this very much. Many stations from DX-countries now upoading
> >their Logs to LoTW on regulary basis.
> >
> >LoTW is a good thing.
> >
> >73's Andrei EW1AR-NP3D (Used to be a big skeptic of LoTW:)
> >(uploaded all previous DXpeditions and local QSO's to LoTW - HQ4R,
> >V44/EW1AR, HC1/EW1AR, EW1AR etc etc. total 60000 QSO's; almost 19000
> QSL's
> >received)
> >
> >
> >2007/8/7, Tom Osborne <w7why at verizon.net>:
> >>
> >> Hi All
> >>
> >> Yes, they do QSL very well.
> >>
> >> One thing I have wondered.  I see that BS7H has already uploaded their
> >> logs.
> >> One thing that always got a good input of donations for the
> DX'peditions
> >> is
> >> the paper card.  I just wonder how it is going to affect donations to
> the
> >> DX'peditions if the contribution is not required for the card (not that
> >it
> >> was ever 'required' for the card, except for a few).
> >>
> >> Even though I havae it confirmed by LOTW, I will still send in the
> >> donation.
> >> 73
> >> Tom W7WHY
> >>
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> >
> >
> >--
> >73's Andrei
> >WAS RTTY #455 (all via LoTW)
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