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Pat Barthelow aa6eg at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 8 11:45:07 EDT 2007

Back in 1986, I was a team member of a Oceanographic Expedition whose marine 
leg,  started in Resolute, Cornwallis Island, Canada.  Went east through 
Lancaster Sound,  Transected Baffin Bay,  went through Nares Strait, Kennedy 
Channel,  to  Northern tip of Greenland, measuring ocean  temperature, 
salinity, ice coverage, and bathymetry.

For some reason,  we became very interested in the Ocean there, after the 
then Soviet Union surfaced a Boomer submarine through the ice cover, at the 
north pole. Some of the Scientific Party Visited Alert, on the Northern tip 
of Baffin Island.

I felt  an intense sense of remoteness, forbidding territory, comfort was 
found in the warm, air conditioning, showers, wet bar,  and reasonable food 
in the Sir John Franklin, our Canadian Ice Breaker/Research Ship
Tried to understand the motivations for early arctic exploration, due to the 
danger involved.

I looked up Resolute on the web and found this site:

I bet life is very expensive there, including communications.  I see there 
are some Hotels there, with internet connectivity, probably Satellite.

What say, the DXing/Contesting communities engage someone in Resolute, to 
encourage them in  getting a ham license and operating.
You might also encourage that person to set up a commercial and ham HF based 
E-mail system.

Perhaps one the Inuit Hotel owners could see the benefit of setting up a ham 
station at the hotel, as it would perhaps attract some ham 
DXpeditioning/Contesting.   Using it for their own use, as well as guests.

Offer to supply donated equipment, and assistance with studying materials 
for acquiring a ham license.  I am sure any lower cost connectivity would be 
vastly appreciated, as well as ham radio for its own sake for easing the 
remote lifestyle, of anyone living in Resolute.

If the DX/Contest community musters enough interest, I will offer to head 
the project to contact folks in Resolute, put the word out, and find 
interested Resolute residents to get their licenses, and get on the air, and 
coordinate any subsequent shipments of donated ham gear for them to set up a 
station, perhaps a "Resolute Ham Radio Club Station"

What Say?

Sincerely, Pat Barthelow     aa6eg at hotmail.com
Jamesburg Earth Station  Moon Bounce Team

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>I don't think I've actualy worked anyone in Nunavut.  Are there any hams
>active up there?
>I remember when it became a new territory a Canadian friend of mine said
>the slogan going around in Canada was "I'll have Nunavut!" (pronounced
>like none-of-it).
>73, Zack W9SZ
>On Wed, 8 Aug 2007, Richard DiDonna NN3W wrote:
> > That'd be my guess.  Probably not more than 100,000 people when you 
>consider Labrador, parts of Quebec and Nunavut.  Next in line is probably 
>Zone 40, which cant possibly exceed 500,000 (Iceland and Greenland 
>primarily), followed probably Zone 29 which has about 2,000,000 in it.
> >
> > 73 Rich NN3W
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> >  What is the least populated CQ zone? I am guessing Zone 2, but is that
> >  correct?
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