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Fri Aug 10 12:07:48 EDT 2007

I think that there are some misconceptions about forums and their utility.

There is no reason to save a local copy of anything on a forum as it is
permanently stored on the forum!

I think the bandwidth consumed by sending 1,000's of emails to subscribers
whether they want the specific messages or not is truly a waste of
bandwidth, not to mention the collective wastefulness of distributed hard
drive space that boggles my mind. With a forum structure, you get to pick
what you read(waste time with).

As far as archiving, the problem with reflectors is that you archive the
stuff you think is important on one computer. If you're not at home, then
you have no access to it any longer. On a forum, a structure is
established to group like things together and organizes the information in
a logical way - and you can access it from any web browser!

All that said, I really don't mind plain text email reflectors as long as
what's written isn't silly.


Bob W5OV

> Not to change the subject TOO much; but this really got to me:
>>The technology to do this has been available for years. Sometimes
>>I just don't understand why the Amateur Radio Community often
>>continues operating in the dark ages of communications (like
>>using email "Reflectors" when "Forum Boards" are so much more
>>efficient and organizationally useful).
> Personally, I positively, absolutely HATE "forums". I belong to as few as
> possible and hardly ever frequent the few to which I belong. As far as I'm
> concerned, html e-mail and "forums" are the two largest bandwidth-wasters
> around. Plain-text e-mail and plain-text e-mail reflectors, OTOH, are
> efficient, consume little bandwidth, make it really easy to archive
> information of interest, and do the job of commuicating with others very
> admirably without tossing in all kinds of endless bells and whistles for
> which I never asked and have little or no use.
> Steve "Dinosaur" K0XP
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