[CQ-Contest] LOTW & Forums vs. "reflectors"

Randy Thompson k5zd at charter.net
Fri Aug 10 17:24:27 EDT 2007

You are welcome to start your own forum.  I am sure the owners of this
reflector will even let you promote it here - once or twice.

I find the archives of this reflector and others, located at
www.contesting.com, to provide everything I need.  Use Google if you need
better search tools.

Cq-contest is the "water cooler" of choice for kibitzing about contesting.
That's why it is "better".

Randy, K5ZD 

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> I might be painting myself as a total noob here, but...
> For the life of me, I can't see what's so difficult about 
> signing up with LOTW.  Follow the steps, blip, blam, wait for 
> the postcard.  Maybe it's just me, having been involved with 
> online communications since the days when BBSs reigned 
> supreme, you thought 9600 was *way* fast, the Internet was 
> still something for government and universities, and you 
> weren't a real man unless you used undocumented DOS calls in 
> your batch files. ;)  Those days are long gone, and most of 
> that knowledge is no longer useful (that which was not 
> forgotten, anyway), but the fact remains that it ain't rocket science.
> Also, I find Forums-based discussion groups far, far superior 
> to email reflectors like this.  In the first, if I want to 
> save something, it's a matter of highlight, CTL+C, open 
> favorite WP app, CTL+V.  Save as desired.  
> But why clutter my machine?  With Forums, the thread and all 
> posts are right there, accessible with a couple of 
> mouse-clicks.  More to my liking, I can access them from 
> anywhere I can get Internet access anytime I want, so I'm not 
> dependent on items of interest I've archived as outlined in 
> Paragraph 2, above, if I'm not at my home machine.  I don't 
> have to A. remember where the email list archives are 
> located, B. remember when the thread of interest took place, 
> C. use a crappy search function (MailMan's is a right bitch 
> unless you're very careful with the Search strings).  I can 
> post images to explain concepts not easily elucidated by 
> prose.  And - importantly - I don't have my email Inbox 
> cluttered by 15 bajillion messages about which I couldn't 
> care less. With Forums, I read the topics I want when I want. 
>  All things considered, for me at least Forums win out.
> Anyway, that's this noob contester's point of view; take with 
> however many grains of salt you wish. =D
> 73 Bob NQ3X
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> this email.  Countless electrons, however, were terribly 
> inconvenienced.
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