[CQ-Contest] Resolute Bay Canada Ops

Pat Barthelow aa6eg at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 16 17:29:04 EDT 2007


An earlier thread about CQ zones inspired my query to Resolute Bay Canada, 
which I passed through in 1986, on an expedition.   Wonders of the modern 
world.....Resolute, as remote and forbidding, and cold, and sparsely 
populated  as it is, is just an (almost) free Skype phone call away.  I 
looked at some websites by locals there, and found the South Camp Inn, is 
one of several Inns there, a significant source of local employment, which 
is otherwise pretty bleak.    South Camp Inn featured a ready to use Ham 
Station, available to (licensed) guests.

I Skyped the Inn, and had a chat with the Inn Manager,
Ozzie,  and asked about the Ham Radio Station that was featured on his 
website.  Ozzie said it had been dismantled, due to lack of interest/use, 
and given away to locals for other uses.  Surprised me...
He said locals use utility HF radios for practical long range 
communications, using assigned lower HF frequencies for safety, comms in 
hunting, and other industry.  But not much local demand for ham radio as a 
cheap diversion, comm channel to stay in touch with friends and family 
farther south.... surprising to me.

I was looking for a strategy to someday getting  back to Resolute to 
operate.  (Commercially very expensive to fly, and stay there) I queried if 
there was ever need for short (or maybe even longer)  term scientific 
support personnel to support the many science expeditions going through.  
Resolute seems to be a real geographic hub of Arctic Research on Global 
Warming, and is the obvious shove-off point for mission locations farther 

Ozzy said sometimes, and that he had a bulletin board there at the Inn that 
he would be happy to post notes for/about offers/inquiries for Science 
mission support, and to send anything I wanted for him to post, and he would 
post it.  So if you have the yearn for adventure and travel, this maybe a 
good doorway threshold to stand at the ready, at.

I suspect that if you sent a  post, to Ozzie,  advertising/offering  your 
areas of expertise, up there, you might just get a call from a Science crew 
in a bind and needing someone..... who would pay your ticket to bring up a 
needed part, computer, or skill set.   Then, afterwards, you could stay a 
while and offer a rare Island Location prefix to the world from Resolute 
Canada... and maybe get some of the local population of 250 or so folks to 
become interested in ham radio.
Best, 73,
Pat Barthelow     aa6eg at hotmail.com
Jamesburg Earth Station  Moon Bounce Team

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