[CQ-Contest] Heil Pro Set Plus on IC-7000 and FT-1000MP

Tad Danley tdanley at verizon.net
Thu Aug 16 20:48:30 EDT 2007

Alex Malyava wrote:
> They (Heil) make 2 kinds of ProSet+ - regular, with HC-4/HC-5 elements, and
> iC - with HC-4/iC combo.

I think the iC versions were made for older ICOMs (pre-Pro series) like 
the 765, 735, etc. that used lower gain mic stages in the radio?  If 
that is the case you don't gain anything with the iC version, but you 
give up the ability to switch to the HC5 for higher fidelity option when 
not contesting.


Tad Danley, K3TD

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