[CQ-Contest] A3S or TH-3JRS or ELSE?

Alex Malyava alex.k2bb at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 00:01:25 EDT 2007

Thanks everybody, there were more than 15 people who answered.
By the way, I noticed, that good portion of them replied to me directly, not
going through the mailing list.

The tri-banders I was looking at are either flimsy and not powerful or
somewhat expensive and heavy or unavailable to get on time, assuming
September 20th departure date. I am not even talking about airline size
restrictions, the only way is to put 48"-accommodated beam into a golfing

Having all the recommendations I think we gonna use plan "B" - verticals in
salt water, thanks to "Team Verticals" inspiration.
We gonna have final rigs/antennas assessment meeting in a few day, so let us
count all the R5-R6000-HF2V's we have :)


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