[CQ-Contest] [RTTY] dupes

Charles Morrison cfmorris at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 27 11:02:11 EDT 2007

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> 2.  In S&P mode, I want my transmission blocked because I am seldom
> looking
> at my logging screen at the moment I get the call sign typed in and hit
> <Enter>, so I want to be stopped at that point from calling a station
> that I
> already have logged previously.  That does save us both time.  For me,
> it is
> quicker to type in the call sign and let the program immediately do one
> of
> two things:
> 	a. Dump my call sign in if not a dupe, or
> 	b. Inhibit transmission if it is a dupe, in which case I keep
> tuning.

This absolutely makes sense. Being a Writelog user, I don't have the luxury
of a fully functioning Enter Sends QRZ/Exchange with automatic changeover
from S&P and Run.  :(  I'm used to entering the callsign and spacebarring it
each time to dupe check and enter into the bandmap.  Of course, totally
different for RTTY which displays on the screen and is dupechecked

> With rare exception, all contests in all modes now take Cabrillo logs
> and
> ignore dupes, with the log checking software calculating the score
> after
> removing dupes and bad QSOs (busted call signs and exchanges) and
> assessing
> any penalties (reducing QSO count).

Can someone take out a full page add in QST and NCJ?  :)

> > This goes back to the
> > question, what counts for less, working a dupe or having a
> > NIL?  I agree, if I work you again, its because you're not in
> > my log, which means either you work a dupe, or get a NIL.
> Not necessarily true, Charlie.  The station could be in your log and
> you
> still call again by mistake.  This could be because you don't notice it
> is a
> dupe, or your software is not configured to tell you it is a dupe, you
> are
> tired and make a mistake, or any number of reasons.  The reason does
> not
> matter.  Your conclusion, though, is still the same ... the QSO should
> simply be completed at that point rather than either one of you wasting
> time
> trying to stop it or sort it out.

Sorry Ed, what I meant was that when I call a station, you're not in my log.
This has happened to me more then once.  I'll change from a run once the
rate drops, but obviously somewhere in the run time, someone THOUGHT they
worked me, but didn't.  I'll catch them on a Run, call them and they send ME
a B4.  I'll send, you're not in my log, some will work, some wont.  Those
that work me get the qso, those that don't wont.  I give all stations 1 shot
at working me now, after that, you lose the qso.  A qso with a 20 different
callsign XE in CQWW last year was great learning experience.  Needless to
say, he got a NIL for our 20M qso.

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